Myth # 1: It’s Not Worth it to Become a Doctor Anymore

Today we are checking out how long it takes to become a doctor in the US, and whether it’s even worth the time investment, given the current political climate and its ramifications on healthcare.  First off, it’s important that you know that becoming a doctor takes possibly the longest amount of schooling of any profession you could undertake (at least in the United States).  This is the best video we’ve found on how to become a doctor.   It’s true, becoming a doctor takes a really long time (like, 13 years) and you will go into debt doing it.  Some doctors are saying that under Obamacare, they get paid less than ever, especially if they are part of major healthcare systems.   Still, if you’re looking for just the bare facts on becoming a doctor, start with this summary and decide how much you really like medicine and healing people.   Frankly, it seems like if you are just becoming a doctor for the money, eventually it will occur to you that there is not enough money in the world to do something you don’t enjoy.   That is alot of dedication to put into a career that you get no pleasure out of or that your parents wanted you to pursue because they thought it would be good job security.

With that said, specialty doctors (like plastic surgeons and sports doctors) seem to still be doing just fine, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (

So, we’re going to call this myth “not true,” in case you didn’t want to be a doctor to begin with.  Doctor, surgeon, specialist– it’s still worth it to pursue this profession if you are passionate about medicine and helping people.  If you’re in it for a quick buck or job security, then try another profession, like voiceover actor, maybe?